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Hot Boy Icons
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This community is being used to exploit the faces and bodies of hot men.
Intellegence is of no concern here. Good looks is the game.

Hey! And Welcome to boygasmic_icons!
The place to 'show and tell' your hot guy icons!
From The Jackass gang to Orlando Bloom & Elijah Wood.
Justin to Good Charlotte, Hanson and beyond.
Plus- show off your underground/unknown hotties!
Make Icons, Banners and pictures and post them here!
Don't have a hot guy icon, and you want one? Just ask! Community Icon Maker: punkrockpea

Spread the glory of good looks!
Join and post today!

To Join:
(Besides clicking on the 'join community' link top of this fine page.)

[ 1 ] User must have gloriously sexy icon ready for posting.
Girls/Guys who post should be posting with their sexy boy(s) icon, or be asking for one to be made for them, for future posting usage.
The hot guy face should be the focus of the icon.
A body shot is a bonus.

[ 2 ] Be nice! ^.^ Not everyone thinks that Carson Daly is sexy...
but some distraught youngin may...
No reason to bring the harsh fires of hell apon her.
To each his own.. or in this case her own.

[ 3 ] When posting large pictures, or more than five small items, use the lj-cut.
{lj-cut text= "More Icons... or whatnot"} and end it with {/lj-cut}
Change all { } to left of right arrows and you're all set :) Also- if you don't already know.. you can post pics using the {img src= "www.yersite.com/image.gif"} tag.

[ 4 ] Hot Boys = Musicians, Actors, Roadies, Merch guys, & Sexy Tour Managers.
Unless your boyfriend is one of the above, he doesn't qualify. Thanks Ladies!